Toxic Mold / Sick Building Syndrome

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Toxic mold, or sick building syndrome, cases occur when occupants breathe in the spores from certain kinds of mold that causes sickness and severe health complications. The two most common types of mold that can cause health complications are Stachybotrys mold and Penicillium mold.

Toxic mold cases are sometimes difficult to recognize because the symptoms often resemble those of a chest cold or flu. Nonetheless, the symptoms do not dissipate and often are exuberated by residing at a residence for an extended period of time. Common side effects related to mold exposure include nose and throat irritation, congestion, pressure headaches. Serious side effects related to mold exposure include fever, nose bleeds, asthma, scarring of the lungs, heart complications, and permanent sinus issues.

Toxic mold is not an obvious hazard but can routinely be detected at construction sites, houses or buildings that have suffered from flood damage, and even second-hand marijuana smoke. Though mold may not be obvious it is a silent disaster that can severely impact health as the mold spores impact many areas of the body and cause disastrous property damage.

As you can guess a property owner is responsible for taking reasonable measures to ensure occupant safety, including the air occupants breathe.

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