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Slip and Fall Accidents

Contact an Experienced Houston Slip and Fall Lawyer to Handle Your Case. A slip and fall is a premises liability issue that is personal injury term describing a scenario where when a person trips, falls, slips, bitten by ants or other insects, or is injured on the property of another. Generally, people are injured while…
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Auto Accidents

Contact an Experienced Houston Auto Accident Lawyer Handle Your Case. Irresponsible drivers can change the lives of even the most conscientious drivers. In a split second, you or someone you live can be seriously injured, unable to work, and incapable of carrying out a happy life with your significant other. Through no fault of your…
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Adulterated & Mislabeled Supplements

Contamination, substitution and falsely labeling nutritional supplement products constitutes deceptive business practices but more importantly, presents considerable health risks for consumers. Manufacturers of products sold as dietary supplements have a clear responsibility under the law to ensure that the products they are selling are indeed dietary supplements, and not synthetic steroid clones or prescription drugs…
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